Could you draw inspiration from these popular kitchen design trends?

New year, new kitchen. If 2019 is all about creating something fresh in one of the most popular rooms in the home then there is plenty of inspiration out there to draw on. Whether your kitchen didn’t survive the Christmas traffic or you’re just looking to do something a bit different for the new year, these are some of the most popular kitchen design trends right now that you can use to help you create something fantastic.

Retro styles

The Seventies seems to have an almost constant presence in fashion and is also currently enjoying a resurgence in kitchen design too. If this is a trend that appeals, look out for retro style printed tiles and shades of honey and mustard for fixtures and fittings.

Going blue

In the past year or so, the driving force in kitchen colours has been blue. Navy blue, in particular, has been the colour of choice for many of the most aesthetically on-trend kitchens. This trend is still popular, and we are seeing different ways that blue shades are being used, such as blocks of colour, tiles or print and patterns such as botanical drawings and images. Blue is also becoming a trend in kitchen cabinets.

Multipurpose kitchen islands

Kitchen islands and peninsulas are well established features in kitchen interiors. The latest trend in space saving is to have an island that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, keeping your island surface clear of any appliances, or a sink, can allow it to also function as a dining or breakfast area, as well as serving the purpose of providing additional internal storage.

Storage that you can’t see

In years gone by we have seen exposed storage trends that meant every single pan or dish was almost constantly on display. This year, the trend is totally reversed with hidden storage becoming popular. We have seen this in the form of opaque unit doors and a move away from clear glass, as well as handle-less kitchen unit systems using grip rails, which offer a modern and sleek look. Hidden corner storage is also ideal for customers looking to maximise their kitchen storage space.

Raw materials

Although mixing up textures in the kitchen is something that has always produced pleasing results, we continue to see the use of raw materials in kitchen design today. The idea behind it is to create contrast – pairing the super glossy high shine kitchen with artisan fabrics and textures or the luxurious with raw wood and stone. This is a trend that has proven popular, with the advice and guidance of a kitchen designer to help choose the right raw materials for worktops and more, that will work in the context of the kitchen design as a whole.

Kitchen zones

Open plan kitchens have proven incredibly popular but are not always that practical in reality. One timeless trend is kitchen zoning, which using items such as a table or island, to create zones that allow for more organisation but retain the open plan feel.

These are just some of the most exciting trends in kitchen style for this year that could inspire you to do great things with your next redesign.

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