How can you pick the perfect wall covering for your kitchen?

Kitchen trends are continuously evolving, with some customers looking for more modern designs, and others looking for something unique that will make their kitchen really stand out. Designing a kitchen can take time, and just one key element to decide on is how to decorate your kitchen walls. There’s a huge amount of choice available, including painting, wallpaper and more traditional tiles – all of which can give a really premium finish if executed well. In particular, splashbacks are re-emerging as a popular choice, so if you’re looking to complete a kitchen renovation, here are some of the latest designs on the market:

Moroccan theme designs

In 2018, Pinterest revealed that there was a rise of 128% in searches related to Moroccan-inspired décor, with a 71% rise in specifically searches for “Moroccan tiles”.  So what is it about Moroccan theme designs? Well, they’re recognized by striking mosaic tiles and wallpaper designs, in a wide variety of unique and interesting patterns. One of the most popular ways to utilize this in kitchen design is to contrast the wall patterns with more simple work surfaces in one main colour. Moroccan décor can also include grey tones and bold multi-tones.

Geometric patterns and vibrant colours

For those looking for more vibrant kitchen designs, bright colour schemes can be achieved with wallpaper, paint or tiles. Kitchen walls offer a great opportunity to express your personality and tastes, and there’s been an increase in demand for geometric patterns such as the hemmingbone pattern, which does just that.

Natural elements

Another popular trend in the last year has been using natural elements such as brick and wood as a wall covering or within other elements of the kitchen design such as shelving or surfaces. A growing trend has been to utilize exposed brick as the wall covering itself, as using natural elements can give a more rustic, urban feel to any kitchen space.

Have you considered splashbacks?

Splashbacks are becoming more common in kitchen design again, as they offer a cost-effective  wall covering that requires little installation time and adds value and character to the kitchen as a whole. There are a huge range of designs available to choose from, including brightly coloured designs, wallpaper-inspired designs and more, which means that you can match it to the worksurface or choose something completely striking as a feature within your kitchen design. Unlike tiles, they have no grout, so keeping the wall clean and in good condition are much easier over time.

If you’re looking to add a splashback to your kitchen there are plenty of options, that are either matching or non-matching. From contemporary wallpaper-styles to tile-like trends, this is a great way to improve aesthetics as well as practical functionality in your kitchen design.  Take a look at some of our suppliers’ ranges or give The Alliance Buying Group a call on 01732 865 062 to discuss your requirements today.