What popular kitchen design trends have emerged in 2018?

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. However, in recent times it’s also become a design feature too. Today, the ideal kitchen combines both function and aesthetics, providing somewhere to create, to entertain and to show off all your favourite gadgets and technology. As the role of the kitchen has evolved, new ideas have emerged - 2018 was a bumper year in terms of kitchen design trends.

Technology and the kitchen

Smart kitchens are growing in popularity, with technology integrated into every single aspect of the design. In 2018 we started to see smart technology more widely used in kitchen design and this is a trend likely to continue for the foreseeable future. From wireless ovens through to fridges that talk to your phone, the smart kitchen has proven to be a trend with resilience.

More effective use of space

It is often a bugbear for home owners when kitchens have simply not been designed to make effective use of space. And over the past year we’ve seen this become a bona fide kitchen design trend with smart and functional kitchen design that is individual to the space. A great example of this is kitchen storage that is tailored to the available area, from pull out racks and trays through to ultra deep drawers for dishes or bins.

Dark aesthetics

For many people, kitchen cabinets have traditionally been white or wood – and this has been the dominating trend for some time. However, this year we’ve seen dark shades take over from neutral and light colours with cabinets in midnight blues and velvety black proving particularly popular. It’s highly likely that this will continue into 2019 with more options in terms of wood stain and colours such as dark green providing a wider range of aesthetic finishes for one of the most important rooms in the house.

The signature splashback

Gone are the days when an aluminium splashback would do for the best kitchens. Today, glass and ornate tiles are more often being used to protect against cooking and washing up splashes. In particular, the popular Metro tile is making its way into some of the most on-trend kitchens.

Minimal and stress free design

We’ve seen ornate kitchens come and go and we’ve seen fancy designs dominate the trends. Now, it’s minimal and stress free kitchen styles that everyone is looking to have. That means a kitchen that functions intuitively for the person who is using it. Items that are easy to reach, surfaces that are simple to keep clear and spaces that are set up to be used in a more productive way. Of course, minimal doesn’t mean boring – although the designs are pared back, the functionality and finish is often much more impressive to look at.

Ceramic floors

Hardwood kitchen floors have been a strong trend but we’ve seen ceramic floors start to dominate this year. Ceramics offer more diversity of choice and a wider range of options and colours. They also tend to be simpler to cut and fit.

Given the range of trends that 2018 has produced, 2019 could be an exciting year when it comes to kitchens.  Get in touch to source the best kitchens for your customers in the New Year now.