Why should traders consider buying your kitchens from a buying group?

It’s a challenging time for small businesses. Getting the best possible deal for supplies and materials has become a top priority, but, unless you have serious buying power or leverage, or a large budget, this can be difficult to do. That is why it is so important to get the best possible prices on materials. However, there is a solution. Buying kitchens from a buying group can offer a simple way to leverage serious buying power and get the kitchens that you want at a more affordable price.

What is a buying group?

Effectively, a buying group works on the basis of buying power. So, if you’re looking to buy a kitchen, you might find that you’re just not getting good rates from manufacturers, even though you’re being told that this is the best deal possible. We all know if you go to Tesco and buy 1 pack of Digestive Biscuits you will get a good price. You could go to LIDL and possibly get a marginally better price, but if you went direct to McVities and bought 10,000 packs you would get a better price.

Buying wholesale gets you more buying power

As a group that is what we do. You don't need to order 10,000 kitchens, you can just buy 1, but we have 500 other builders just buying 1, which all of a sudden means our group is buying 500 kitchens, and our buying power as a group becomes quite strong! In a nutshell, buying your kitchen through our account rather than yours will save you a packet – often £1,000 per kitchen.

Why consider working with a buying group?

If you’ve ever tried to buy a kitchen then you’ll know the general practice – raise prices to a ridiculous level and then offer a generous “discount.” The end result is that you end up with exactly the same costs and no reduction in price at all. Working with a buying group you can buy your kitchens at a genuine discount. This may sound too good to be true but there are some obvious reasons for it. For example, buying groups often have very low overheads, which allows the business to be streamlined and focused on delivering discounts.

Deals on kitchens are often done direct with the head office of the manufacturer and so real hard bargaining can be done. Manufacturers see the benefit of this approach too. The combined sales volume of a buying group means that the manufacturer enjoys a wealth of trade, which is great for business. Such a mutually beneficial relationship creates the kind of leverage which makes it easy to go on and negotiate some great discounts.

The benefits for you of buying your kitchens from a buying group

At Alliance Buying Group we offer all of this with no hidden fees or expenses and we have a history of not being beaten when it comes to price. If you’d like to discuss your kitchen requirements, contact a member of the team.