About Us

Most of our chosen suppliers have their own retail outlets and we consistently supply kitchens for less than they can. This isn't as crazy as it sounds as we deal direct with Head Offices and we can sell their products without the massive costs associated with running traditional showrooms. The manufacturers that sign up with us tend to have the vision to see how our combined sales volume can be mutually beneficial. As a group of tradesmen, we are very strong.

We are fundamentally a "trade" organisation. Most of our members are builders but we have property developers, estate agents, electrical contractors, painters and carpenters on our books. We all know there is a big choice of trade kitchen suppliers out there. We know them all...and whats more important than that we can beat them, and with a better product. We have been going since 2013 and we perform price challenges most weeks. We have only been beaten on price 3 times in those 4 years. 

What we don't do is raise our prices to preposterous levels and then claim to give you a ridiculous discount.

What we do is just give you our best price first time thats it. You have got better things to do than haggle with us over the price of a kitchen.

What's the catch?

We regularly get asked this question, as people often believe that our rates are 'too good to be true'. Put simply, there is no catch. No strings, hidden fees or expenses. We just get great rates due to buying power, that other's can't achieve. We don't tie you in to a contract or insist that you do not use anyone else, although once you have used us we doubt you will want to go elsewhere!

We Aim to Take the Headache Out of Kitchens for You

We will work around how you operate.


We aim to offer the most trouble free service possible. Our delivery compliance stands at 92% which is high - this means that 92% of deliveries are absolutely correct. However we realise that in the real world mistakes do happen. If you discover that a part is missing or damaged in transit....or you have cut the wrong bit on site, then our agreement with our supplier to provide our members with "Fast Track" remedials will help you.

Let us know if you need a replacement part by 10.30 am and we aim to get that part to site next day. No questions asked, no downing tools to stand in a queue at a warehouse arguing as to whose fault it was.