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How can kitchen design give the illusion of a larger kitchen space?

When it comes to interiors, any space can end up feeling overcrowded and cramped if you make the wrong decisions about what to put into it. Conversely, even the most modest rooms can be given the illusion of expansion with some clever interiors choices. If your kitchen isn’t the most spacious, there are some smart tricks you can use to make it feel a lot roomier.

All you need to know about choosing kitchen worktops

The worktop choice you make for your kitchen will not only influence its aesthetics but also how often you have to pay for upgrades. Today, there are many different worktop materials to choose from, each with a different look and functionality, and there is something to suit every budget. There are a number of different factors involved in ensuring you pick the right one.

What popular kitchen design trends have emerged in 2018?

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. However, in recent times it’s also become a design feature too. Today, the ideal kitchen combines both function and aesthetics, providing somewhere to create, to entertain and to show off all your favourite gadgets and technology. As the role of the kitchen has evolved, new ideas have emerged - 2018 was a bumper year in terms of kitchen design trends.

Why should traders consider buying your kitchens from a buying group?

It’s a challenging time for small businesses. Getting the best possible deal for supplies and materials has become a top priority, but, unless you have serious buying power or leverage, or a large budget, this can be difficult to do. That is why it is so important to get the best possible prices on materials. However, there is a solution. Buying kitchens from a buying group can offer a simple way to leverage serious buying power and get the kitchens that you want at a more affordable price.

Could you draw inspiration from these popular kitchen design trends?

New year, new kitchen. If 2019 is all about creating something fresh in one of the most popular rooms in the home then there is plenty of inspiration out there to draw on. Whether your kitchen didn’t survive the Christmas traffic or you’re just looking to do something a bit different for the new year, these are some of the most popular kitchen design trends right now that you can use to help you create something fantastic.

How can you pick the perfect wall covering for your kitchen?

Kitchen trends are continuously evolving, with some customers looking for more modern designs, and others looking for something unique that will make their kitchen really stand out. Designing a kitchen can take time, and just one key element to decide on is how to decorate your kitchen walls. There’s a huge amount of choice available, including painting, wallpaper and more traditional tiles – all of which can give a really premium finish if executed well. In particular, splashbacks are re-emerging as a popular choice, so if you’re looking to complete a kitchen renovation, here are some of the latest designs on the market: