How can kitchen design give the illusion of a larger kitchen space?

When it comes to interiors, any space can end up feeling overcrowded and cramped if you make the wrong decisions about what to put into it. Conversely, even the most modest rooms can be given the illusion of expansion with some clever interiors choices. If your kitchen isn’t the most spacious, there are some smart tricks you can use to make it feel a lot roomier.

Choose lighting that works with your lines

Items such as low hanging lamps or statement shades can be great in cavernous spaces but will instantly make a compact room feel too full. So, if your kitchen is small, opt for lighting that complements existing lines, as opposed to interrupting them. Integrated lighting is particularly useful for this, as it can create a vast pool of light but barely features in the room design.

Use your lighting sources well

For example, you can add lights under shelves or inside cabinets to help open up and highlight space in the room. Spotlights can be perfect over work surfaces to add a practical, but warm, glow and you can use overhead lights to flood the room so that there are no dark and hidden corners and every inch of space is visible.

A smooth finish can make all the difference

You might add a mirror to a narrow hallway to open up the space – in the kitchen it’s light coloured doors and surfaces that will have the same impact. These types of materials have a smooth and fluid feel and, just like a mirror, will reflect light back so that the space they are in feels lighter and brighter. You need natural light to make the most of an investment in these types of surfaces – make sure your kitchen window lets as much light in as possible and don’t block it with pots or blinds.

Choose statement pieces to display

This could be a statement piece of equipment, such as a coffee machine or blender, or items that you use every day like the kettle or the toaster. Select just a couple of pieces to have visible on kitchen counter tops because they add to the aesthetic or are practical. Other than those key pieces, make sure everything else has a home and is hidden. Clutter will instantly make a smaller kitchen feel tiny and you’ll have no space to work. Smart storage solutions mean that it’s possible to create a home for everything and you’ll find it much easier to keep your kitchen clean if the surfaces are clear.

Great kitchen design means you can make the most of any space, no matter how compact. Take a look at our gallery of kitchen projects, or get in touch to discuss any upcoming kitchen projects you have today.